Photo Name Title Email Phone Web site
Yehle, Samantha Yehle, Samantha 1st Grade Teacher Email (715) 985-3172 ext. 149 Web site
Brandenburg, Brett Brandenburg, Brett 5th Grade Teacher Email 715-985-3172 Web site
Gruber, Jessica Gruber, Jessica Academic and Career Planning Email 715-985-3172 Web site
Hovell, Jason Hovell, Jason Agricultural Science & FFA Advisor Email 715-985-3172 x127 Web site
Pientok, Melissa Pientok, Melissa Assistant Principal/Technology Integration Email 715-985-3172 ext. 114 Web site
Sedelbauer, Maritere Sedelbauer, Maritere Bilingual Liaison/Health Assistant Email (715) 985-3172 Web site
Killian-Baures, Linda Killian-Baures, Linda Business Education Teacher Email (715) 985-3172 ext.118 Web site
Lewis, Melanie Lewis, Melanie Cross Categorical Email 715-985-3172 ext 140 Web site
Olson, Kayla Olson, Kayla Cross Categorical Email 715-985-3172 ext 159 Web site
Hayter, Richard Hayter, Richard Custodial Email 715-985-3172 ext 129
Niedzielko, Russ Niedzielko, Russ Custodial Email 715-985-3172 x119 Web site
Kohnert, Gene Kohnert, Gene Custodial Staff Email 715-985-3172 x129 Web site
Pronschinske, Keith Pronschinske, Keith Custodial Staff/ Head Maintenance Email 715-985-3172 x129 Web site
Woychik, Dawn Woychik, Dawn Director of CIA/School Counselor Email 715-985-3172 x111 Web site
Schmitt, Barry Schmitt, Barry District Administrator/HS Principal Email 715-985-3172 x102 Web site
Kowalczyk, Rochelle Kowalczyk, Rochelle District Bookkeeper Email (715) 985-3172 ext. 103
Knudtson, Holly Knudtson, Holly ELL Coordinator Email 715-985-3172 x163 Web site
Diaz, Milenis Diaz, Milenis ELL Support Staff Email 7159853172 Web site
Mrowczynski, Amanda Mrowczynski, Amanda Elementary Math Paraprofessional Email (715) 985 3172 ext. 163
Peyton, Anne Peyton, Anne Elementary Reading Paraprofessional Email (715) 985-3172
Vanderloop, Rob Vanderloop, Rob Elementary/MS Principal/Director of SPED Email 715-985-3172 ext 104 Web site
Killian, Abigail Killian, Abigail Fifth Grade Teacher Email 715-985-3172 Web site
Miles, Heather Miles, Heather First Grade Teacher Email (715) 85-3172 ext 175 Web site
Erickson, Sonya Erickson, Sonya Food Service Email 715-985-3172 x128
Guza, Lisa Guza, Lisa Food Service Email 715-985-3172 x128
Gamez, Briatris Gamez, Briatris Food Service Cook Email
Sorenson, Annette Sorenson, Annette Food Service Director Email 715-985-3172
Schultz, Lisa Schultz, Lisa Four-Year old Kindergarten Email 715-985-3172 x150 Web site
Matejka, Shannon Matejka, Shannon Fourth Grade Teacher Email 715-985-3172 x142 Web site
Comero, Corey Comero, Corey General Music/Band Email 715-985-3172 ext 130 Web site
Wesely, Bradley Wesely, Bradley HS Mathematics Email 715-985-3172 Web site
Guza, Amber Guza, Amber HS Science Email 715-985-3172 ext 125 Web site
Risler, Chad Risler, Chad Health/Phy Ed Email 715-985-3172 x138 Web site
Sherry, Christine Sherry, Christine High School English Email 715-985-3172 ext 156 Web site
Xiong, Blong Xiong, Blong IT Specialist Email 715-985-3172 ext 113 Web site
Miles, Benjamin Miles, Benjamin Information Technology Specialist Email 715-985-3172 x 113 Web site
Gunderson, Mary Gunderson, Mary Instructional Coach Email 715-985-3172 Web site
Susa, Sandra Susa, Sandra Instructional Coach Email 715-985-3172 Web site
Jeske, Julie Jeske, Julie K-12 Art Email 715-985-3172 x124 Web site
Evenson, Hunter Evenson, Hunter K-12 Vocal Music Email 715-985-3172 Web site
Engst, Dianne Engst, Dianne Kindergarten Teacher Email (715) 985-3172 ext. 148 Web site
Pecha, Sydney Pecha, Sydney Kindergarten Teacher Email 7159853172 Web site
Harz, Jessica Harz, Jessica Kitchen Staff Email 7159853172 Web site
Pyka, Christine Pyka, Christine Library Director Email 715-985-3172 x112 Web site
Lau, Darin Lau, Darin Math Teacher Email 715-985-3172 Web site
Kane, Tim Kane, Tim Middle School English Email 715-985-3172
Zilla, John Zilla, John Middle School Faculty Email 715-985-3172 x141 Web site
Sonsalla, Jenna Sonsalla, Jenna Middle School Science Email 715-985-3172 x126 Web site
Halama, Tracy Halama, Tracy Office Attendance Secretary Email 715-985-3172 x176
Ruhland, Jeff Ruhland, Jeff Phy Ed/Athletic Director Email 715-985-3172 x136 Web site
Brodsky, Lauren Brodsky, Lauren Reading Teacher Email (715) 985-3172 ext 123 Web site
Sexe, Emily Sexe, Emily Second Grade Teacher Email 715-985-3172 Web site
Suchla, Sarah Suchla, Sarah Second Grade Teacher Email 715-985-3172 x154 Web site
Wozney, Sue Wozney, Sue Secretary Email 7159853172 x100 Web site
Nix, Taylor Nix, Taylor Social Studies Email 715-985-3172 x122 Web site
Bultman, Alie Bultman, Alie Spanish Email 715-985-3172 x139 Web site
Schrenkler, Dave Schrenkler, Dave Special Education Email 715-985-3172 Web site
Estenson, Jenny Estenson, Jenny Special Education Paraprofessional Email (715) 985-3172 ext. 140
Thompson, Wendy Thompson, Wendy Special Education Paraprofessional Email 715-985-3172 ext 140 Web site
Waldera, Vanessa Waldera, Vanessa Special Education Paraprofessional Email 715-985-3172
Mullikin, Michael Jon Mullikin, Michael Jon Special Education Teacher Email (715) 985-3172 ext. 140 Web site
Gansen, Nancy Gansen, Nancy Speech and Language Email 715-985-3172 ext. 145
Klimek, Patti Klimek, Patti Student Services Secretary Email (715) 985-3172 ext. 107 Web site
Rombalski, Jacob Rombalski, Jacob Technical Education Email 715-985-3172 Web site
Pape, Jennifer Pape, Jennifer Third Grade Teacher Email 715-985-3172 x146 Web site
Schrenkler, Patricia Schrenkler, Patricia Third Grade Teacher Email (715) 985-3172 ext.147 Web site