Photo Name Title Email Phone Web site
Brandenburg, Brett Brandenburg, Brett 5th Grade Teacher Email 715-985-3172 Web site
Brodsky, Lauren Brodsky, Lauren Reading Teacher Email (715) 985-3172 ext 123 Web site
Bultman, Alie Bultman, Alie Spanish Email 715-985-3172 x139 Web site
Comero, Corey Comero, Corey General Music/Band Email 715-985-3172 ext 130 Web site
Diaz, Milenis Diaz, Milenis ELL Support Staff Email 7159853172 Web site
Engst, Dianne Engst, Dianne Kindergarten Teacher Email (715) 985-3172 ext. 148 Web site
Erickson, Sonya Erickson, Sonya Food Service Email 715-985-3172 x128
Estenson, Jenny Estenson, Jenny Special Education Paraprofessional Email (715) 985-3172 ext. 140
Evenson, Hunter Evenson, Hunter K-12 Vocal Music Email 715-985-3172 Web site
Gamez, Briatris Gamez, Briatris Food Service Cook Email
Gansen, Nancy Gansen, Nancy Speech and Language Email 715-985-3172 ext. 145
Gruber, Jessica Gruber, Jessica Academic and Career Planning Email 715-985-3172 Web site
Gunderson, Mary Gunderson, Mary Instructional Coach Email 715-985-3172 Web site
Guza, Amber Guza, Amber HS Science Email 715-985-3172 ext 125 Web site
Guza, Lisa Guza, Lisa Food Service Email 715-985-3172 x128
Halama, Tracy Halama, Tracy Office Attendance Secretary Email 715-985-3172 x176
Harz, Jessica Harz, Jessica Kitchen Staff Email 7159853172 Web site
Hayter, Richard Hayter, Richard Custodial Email 715-985-3172 ext 129
Hovell, Jason Hovell, Jason Agricultural Science & FFA Advisor Email 715-985-3172 x127 Web site
Jeske, Julie Jeske, Julie K-12 Art Email 715-985-3172 x124 Web site
Kane, Tim Kane, Tim Middle School English Email 715-985-3172
Killian, Abigail Killian, Abigail Fifth Grade Teacher Email 715-985-3172 Web site
Killian-Baures, Linda Killian-Baures, Linda Business Education Teacher Email (715) 985-3172 ext.118 Web site
Klimek, Patti Klimek, Patti Student Services Secretary Email (715) 985-3172 ext. 107 Web site
Knudtson, Holly Knudtson, Holly ELL Coordinator Email 715-985-3172 x163 Web site
Kohnert, Gene Kohnert, Gene Custodial Staff Email 715-985-3172 x129 Web site
Kowalczyk, Rochelle Kowalczyk, Rochelle District Bookkeeper Email (715) 985-3172 ext. 103
Lau, Darin Lau, Darin Math Teacher Email 715-985-3172 Web site
Lewis, Melanie Lewis, Melanie Cross Categorical Email 715-985-3172 ext 140 Web site
Matejka, Shannon Matejka, Shannon Fourth Grade Teacher Email 715-985-3172 x142 Web site
Miles, Benjamin Miles, Benjamin Information Technology Specialist Email 715-985-3172 x 113 Web site
Miles, Heather Miles, Heather First Grade Teacher Email (715) 85-3172 ext 175 Web site
Mrowczynski, Amanda Mrowczynski, Amanda Elementary Math Paraprofessional Email (715) 985 3172 ext. 163
Mullikin, Michael Jon Mullikin, Michael Jon Special Education Teacher Email (715) 985-3172 ext. 140 Web site
Niedzielko, Russ Niedzielko, Russ Custodial Email 715-985-3172 x119 Web site
Nix, Taylor Nix, Taylor Social Studies Email 715-985-3172 x122 Web site
Olson, Kayla Olson, Kayla Cross Categorical Email 715-985-3172 ext 159 Web site
Pape, Jennifer Pape, Jennifer Third Grade Teacher Email 715-985-3172 x146 Web site
Pecha, Sydney Pecha, Sydney Kindergarten Teacher Email 7159853172 Web site
Peyton, Anne Peyton, Anne Elementary Reading Paraprofessional Email (715) 985-3172
Pientok, Melissa Pientok, Melissa Assistant Principal/Technology Integration Email 715-985-3172 ext. 114 Web site
Pronschinske, Keith Pronschinske, Keith Custodial Staff/ Head Maintenance Email 715-985-3172 x129 Web site
Pyka, Christine Pyka, Christine Library Director Email 715-985-3172 x112 Web site
Risler, Chad Risler, Chad Health/Phy Ed Email 715-985-3172 x138 Web site
Rombalski, Jacob Rombalski, Jacob Technical Education Email 715-985-3172 Web site
Ruhland, Jeff Ruhland, Jeff Phy Ed/Athletic Director Email 715-985-3172 x136 Web site
Schmitt, Barry Schmitt, Barry District Administrator/HS Principal Email 715-985-3172 x102 Web site
Schrenkler, Dave Schrenkler, Dave Special Education Email 715-985-3172 Web site
Schrenkler, Patricia Schrenkler, Patricia Third Grade Teacher Email (715) 985-3172 ext.147 Web site
Schultz, Lisa Schultz, Lisa Four-Year old Kindergarten Email 715-985-3172 x150 Web site
Sedelbauer, Maritere Sedelbauer, Maritere Bilingual Liaison/Health Assistant Email (715) 985-3172 Web site
Sexe, Emily Sexe, Emily Second Grade Teacher Email 715-985-3172 Web site
Sherry, Christine Sherry, Christine High School English Email 715-985-3172 ext 156 Web site
Sonsalla, Jenna Sonsalla, Jenna Middle School Science Email 715-985-3172 x126 Web site
Sorenson, Annette Sorenson, Annette Food Service Director Email 715-985-3172
Suchla, Sarah Suchla, Sarah Second Grade Teacher Email 715-985-3172 x154 Web site
Susa, Sandra Susa, Sandra Instructional Coach Email 715-985-3172 Web site
Thompson, Wendy Thompson, Wendy Special Education Paraprofessional Email 715-985-3172 ext 140 Web site
Vanderloop, Rob Vanderloop, Rob Elementary/MS Principal/Director of SPED Email 715-985-3172 ext 104 Web site
Waldera, Vanessa Waldera, Vanessa Special Education Paraprofessional Email 715-985-3172
Wesely, Bradley Wesely, Bradley HS Mathematics Email 715-985-3172 Web site
Woychik, Dawn Woychik, Dawn Director of CIA/School Counselor Email 715-985-3172 x111 Web site
Wozney, Sue Wozney, Sue Secretary Email 7159853172 x100 Web site
Xiong, Blong Xiong, Blong IT Specialist Email 715-985-3172 ext 113 Web site
Yehle, Samantha Yehle, Samantha 1st Grade Teacher Email (715) 985-3172 ext. 149 Web site
Zilla, John Zilla, John Middle School Faculty Email 715-985-3172 x141 Web site